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basil Basil
Our premium fresh basil is an herb with vibrant green leaves which has highly aromatic qualities and flavor profiles that set basil apart from other herbs. It is mainly used to add flavor to Italian dishes
chard Swiss Chard
Our premium fresh Swiss chard has long succulent stalk with medium green leaf and an exceptionally impressive list of health promoting nutrients. Sauté or braise with a variety of fresh vegetables. Our special colorful varieties can be used as an attractive edible garnish for main entrées and main dishes.
bokchoy Bok Choy
Our premium fresh Bok Choy has jungle bright green leaves that are the most tender and mild part of the plant. Bok Choy is recognized for its standout nutrient richness. It can be added to soups, sautéed, steamed and eaten raw.
kale Kale
Our premium fresh kale has rich, green and tender leaves. We offer different varieties having leaves ranging from wavy to straight and frilly. Kale is delicious, versatile and incredibly nutritious. It can be prepared for salads, shakes, sauté and chips. Kale is bursting with nutrients which makes it one of the most popular vegetables and a great choice for healthy eating.
coriander Coriander
Our premium fresh coriander is an herb with wide lacy medium green leaves that adds a flavorful mild cilantro pungent taste to your culinary preparations.
spinach Spinach
Our premium fresh spinach is produces with succulent dark green leaves. Tender fresh spinach is delicious in salads, pasta, soups and dips and is an easy healthy addition to many meals.
boston Boston lettuce (Green & Red)
Our premium fresh Boston lettuce comes with green or red colored leafs with an exceptionally mild sweet flavor. It has superior smooth and tender yet crunchy leaves to incorporate in salad mixes.
parsley Parsley
Our premium fresh parsley is an aromatic herb with curled or crinkly dark green leaves that can be cut finely and used to garnish your food. Add a fresh sweet parsley flavor to your cooking!
arugula Arugula
Our premium fresh arugula is a flavorful herb, mainly consumed as a salad, with vibrant green leaves that offers an herbaceous spicy and nutty taste which is a popular choice for brightening up salad mixes.